The Movement Gift Guide

It’s the season of giving and as usual we want to make things easier for you.  

Sure you already have a list of things you KNOW you want; time by yourself, the chance to finish a hot beverage, the chance to sleep past 7 am, a trip to Bali, we thought we would help streamline your list and also your ideas for the people you love in your life. Because there’s nothing worse than yet another pair of slippers, or socks, lotion in a scent you don’t like. 

So for the movers and shakers in your life, including yourself, we’ve curated our favorite teachers, trainers, subscriptions, coaches, practitioners for you to choose from!

Pstprtm Mom Pod

​​This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a regular mom group. This is a 6-week virtual snuggle party co-hosted by pstprtm co-founders Anne Omland and Alissa Alter that helps you honor your truth, heal your body with intention, and build a community that will nurture you. This is a safe space to talk about everything. There is no such thing as TMI or judgment in a Mom Pod. This space is created for YOU or the mom in your life who you know could use a space where she can show up as she is, explore her new mom bod, be held in community, and receive expert support. Click here to take advantage of our early bird pricing to save over $50!


A virtual barre membership that celebrates your body and never shames it. Founder Simi Botic is a certified health coach, barre instructor, and doula-to-be on a mission to help you find essential moments for yourself. Her focus on holistic health, anti-diet culture, intuitive eating & movement, intentional movement, and fun make this a well-rounded, holistic membership we’ve all been dreaming about. Want to double your fun? Join with a friend and click here to get started with your 7-day free trial!

The Sculpt Society

Celebrity trainer, new mama, and pstprtm Mother Leader Megan Roup designed a brand new program TSS Mama to guide you from the very start of your pregnancy, all the way through your postpartum journey. Megan created this at-home workout program during her own pregnancy and postpartum journey. The TSS Mama workouts are safe, fun, and effective for each stage of motherhood. Click here to get started with your 7-day free trial!

The Postpartum Revival 

A 6-week self-guided online course created by pstprtm co-founder Alissa Alter. As a women’s health expert and motherhood advocate, Alissa believes we ALL deserve to know what’s happening in our bodies and how to feel safe, strong and centered in our new mom bods. This six-week video series is designed to support your rehabilitation from pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life through movement (Pilates based), self-expression (better out than in), and good old fashion education (your P hole is different from V hole and your B hole) This way you can advocate for yourself and your baby when things get weird. (Because they will get weird.) Appropriate for all postpartum bodies. Click here to get started and use code pstprtm for 50% off!


Your one-stop shop for fitness, doula services, and holistic nutrition coaching. As a former dancer and Radio City Rockette, pstprtm contributor Amanda Schoppe has used her diverse background to develop the Fit Shop Wellness program just for you. 


Wellness essentials for mamas and mamas-to-be founded by pstprtm co-founder Anne Omland. As a certified health coach, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, women’s health expert, doula in training, and hypnobirthing childbirth educator Anne has everything you need to feel embodied throughout your motherhood journey: from trying to conceive to sending your little to kindergarten. She works intimately one on one to provide holistic in-depth support curated to you and your news in this new season of life. 

Ashley DeLeon Pilates

Find your flow in this subscription from pstprtm Mother Leader Ashley DeLeon.  Use the code ADPBLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout for 35% off 3 months of Unlimited Membership on new memberships!* That brings your monthly cost down to UNDER $20 a month! Offer ends November 30th, 2021, don’t wait! Start your free trial today, cancel anytime! *Discount valid for new memberships only. Expires November 30th, 2021.

To redeem 35% off 3 months of Unlimited Monthly Membership: Select “Ashley Deleon Pilates Monthly Membership” and use the code ADPBLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout. Discount applied to the monthly invoice, first billing cycle begins 7 days after signup. For answers to frequently asked questions about membership, including policies and cancellation instructions check the FAQ page!

Move with Merav

Originally from Israel, lifelong student of movement pstprtm contributor Merav Cidor combines her love for Yoga, Pilates, and Acro Yoga to create a movement experience that moves you. An expert in prenatal and postpartum movement, you can feel safe exploring your body and reconnecting to your center as you rehabilitate your body and balance strength and flexibility. A seasonal online library of classes makes it easy to fit into any busy mama’s schedule. Click here to get started. 

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