Where to Donate to Support Mamas This Holiday Season

Motherhood is the ultimate equalizer. Motherhood doesn’t discriminate, pick favorites, or ever show up the same. Motherhood challenges us all to our core and that is something we have in common. We understand the struggles. We are grateful for the support we can get. And we know that without support, everyone suffers. Everyone. And especially mom.

There are so many organizations supporting new moms, new parents, and new families. We want to support the crap out of them and therefore each other. Because we are connected in motherhood. 

So we’ve put together this list that is by no means complete or exhaustive. This is our starting point. These organizations are doing the work, having impact, and making change. 

Is there an organization you think should be on this list? Email us so we can add them!

Every Mother Counts

An international organization devoted to improving access to quality, respectful and equitable maternity care in the United States and developing countries like Haiti, Guatemala, and Tanzania. 

“Despite spending more money per capita on maternal health than any country in the world, the U.S. ranks a shocking 55th in maternal deaths. It is the only high-resource nation with a consistently rising maternal mortality rate, and disparities are rampant. We invest in and amplify maternity care models that advance birth justice by taking a rights-based approach to improving health outcomes and ensuring that all people can give birth with dignity and respect, all while placing women at the center of the equation.”

National Partnership for Women & Families

An organization on a mission to improve the lives of women and their families by achieving equality for all women that has played a role in legislation like the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Family & Medical Leave Act, family leave programs, and more.

“We ground ourselves in the lived experience of women and families, particularly those who face the greatest barriers to equity and opportunity. We focus on issues that increase equity, health, and economic justice and how they impact women’s ability to thrive and fully participate in our society.”


As a country with as many resources as we have it’s a disgrace that we are one of the only countries without paid family leave. The statistics are awful and we have to stop abandoning families like this. And we see that this affects women far more than men given that approximately 2 million women left the workforce in 2020.

“In the U.S., people go into debt or even lose their jobs simply for having a baby or caring for a family member. One in four moms in the US returns to work just 10 days after childbirth. The US stands alone as the only industrialized country with no national paid leave policy. One in six people spends twenty hours per week taking care of sick or elderly family.”

Postpartum Support International

An organization devoted to increasing awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum and promotes prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide.

“Approximately 15% of all women will experience postpartum depression following the birth of a child. Up to 10% will experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy. When the mental health of the mother is compromised, it affects the entire family. It is the vision of PSI that every woman and family worldwide will have access to information, social support, and informed professional care to deal with mental health issues.”

The Motherhood Center of New York

An organization that provides services for new and expecting moms who are suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and additional resources to transition into motherhood.

Staffed by experienced professionals, we take an interdisciplinary approach to tackling pre-and post-natal care, PMADs, and everything in between.” 


An organization devoted to advocating for improved maternal health policies and regulations, to educate the public about the impact of maternal mortality in communities, provide peer support to the victim’s family, friends, and promote the idea that maternal mortality should be viewed, and discussed as a human rights issue. 

Kira Johnson tragically lost her life after a routine c-section at Cedars Sinai. Kira was allowed to bleed internally for more than 10 hours before the medical staff at Cedars Sinai took action. 

We fight to make sure this never happens to another mother. More women die in the United States each year than in any other civilized country in the world.”

Moms Rising Together

An on-the-ground and online grassroots organization of more than a million people working to achieve economic security for all moms, women, and families in the United States. From paid family leave to affordable childcare to hiring discrimination, MomsRising is on it!

We take on the most critical issues facing women, mothers, and families by educating the public and mobilizing massive grassroots actions.”

New Moms 

An organization that partners with families to construct the foundation of well-being by strengthening core life skills, incorporating early childhood development supports, building pathways to and preparation for education and employment, and expanding positive social networks and access to community resources.

“Living in poverty and experiencing scarcity can impact brain development and take a toll on the long-term individual and community health. Although 97% of the young families that come to New Moms are experiencing poverty, all of them seek a future of shared prosperity with their children.”

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