On a mission to make the postpartum journey less

WTF| Lonely| Stressful| Overwhelming| Painful| Disorienting|

Mothers Deserve Better. We’re Here to Do Something About That.

We live in a world where the postpartum period is defined as 6 weeks after birth or gets collectively lumped in with postpartum depression.

The truth? Postpartum is so much more. It is the time and space where a new mother heals, finds her footing, and evolves into her new identity. This process doesn’t happen in 6 weeks. It happens within a minimum of 18 months. Which means the postpartum season is nearly a 2-year journey.

Our healthcare system and culture continue to leave birthing people wildly unprepared for this. We are left to navigate our bodies, our babies, and our lives after birth without guidance or support unless we have the resources to seek them out.

This leaves the majority of mothers vulnerable to health issues, mood disorders, and worse. And we think it’s time to shine a spotlight on these issues, while empowering you to advocate for your wellbeing within your family and to your healthcare provider.

While we certainly don’t have all the answers, it’s our intention to help you find yours—through stories that make you feel less alone, insightful articles with practical advice that you can apply right away, and virtual events that help you carve out space to take care of you too.

We believe that you—and all birthing people on the planet—deserve to feel revered and fully cared for after giving birth and beyond.

So, welcome to pstprtm. Born to be part of the solution and to start a revolution.

Our Values

  • We are committed to encouraging conversation about the diverse experience of motherhood and creating content that is inclusive, not elitist.
  • We believe becoming a mother is a sacred transition and homecoming.
  • We believe every birthing person deserves support, guidance, and care postpartum regardless of socioeconomic status, race, sexuality, or identity.
  • We believe there is no one right way to give birth, feed your baby, or be a parent—just your way.
  • We are committed to making women aware of their choices so they can make the decisions that feel right for them.
  • We believe that sharing a diverse range of stories will empower women to advocate for themselves and each other.
  • We believe in the integration of the practical and the spiritual so that women can connect more deeply with their bodies and their babies.
  • We believe that reverence and respect need to be returned to the mother from pregnancy through her postpartum journey.

co-founded by

alissa alter

Co-founder & Head of Content
Mama to Everett | ARIES


Alissa is a Women’s Health Expert & Motherhood Advocate, author of Unstuck: From Understudy To The Study Of Your Undercarriage, and host of the podcast Myth of Motherhood who is all about cracking open the taboo topics of pregnancy and motherhood. A former broadway performer and certified Pilates instructor specializing in pelvic health, she uses movement, mindfulness, and good ol’ education to help mamas and mamas-to-be stop suffering in silence so that pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can be healing and empowering stages of life. By sharing women’s stories, she believes we can initiate change toward better postpartum care. Alissa is a very excited mom and loves practicing cartwheels and handstands with her son.

anne omland

Co-Founder & Head of Experiences
Mama to Emma, Blake & Kellen | SCORPIO


Anne is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, Women’s Health Coach, Doula-in-training, and the master of creating sacred healing experiences for mamas and mamas-to-be. In her former career, she was a VP at a Fortune 500 company, struggled with workaholism, and later found it challenging to become pregnant. This experience awoke her to the deep disconnect in not only how our systems of care support mothers but also between her and her body. Six years and 3 little ones later, she’s found a passion in supporting women as they look to conceive, navigate pregnancy, and transition into new motherhood. She’s a midwesterner married to a Canadian living on the east coast with her kiddos and her dog, Murphy.

blair badenhop

Co-Founder & Head of Brand
Mama to Violet | Gemini


Blair is a global Brand & Messaging Strategist with over a decade of experience supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her clients have included Emmy Award Winners, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, and hundreds of coaches and content creators from Australia to the Netherlands. She is the host of the Brand Yourself Podcast where she guides her listeners to lean into their authenticity and shares the journeys of renowned spiritual teachers, doctors, and wellness entrepreneurs alike. The idea for pstprtm was born once she realized there wasn’t a space for women to find holistic guidance and resources easily. Formerly, she worked at Harper’s Bazaar, Dress for Success Worldwide, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Parsley Health.

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