Mother Leader: Megan Roup, Founder of The Sculpt Society

Megan Roup(She/Her) is a celebrity trainer and the founder of The Sculpt Society, a fitness platform and app that makes lengthening and strengthening dance cardio and sculpting workouts accessible to all women. As a professional dancer, fit model, and fitness instructor, Megan struggled to find a workout that was both effective and fun until she found dance-based fitness.

After seeing how intimidating dance cardio could be for the average gal, she was inspired to change that and developed a method that made it simple and empowering—and The Sculpt Society was born. Today, Megan’s workouts are beloved by celebrities, influencers, and Victoria’s Secret models including Arielle Charnas, Hannah Bronfman, Hunter McGrady, and Elsa Hosk. The Sculpt Society has been featured in Vogue, Shape, Health, Harper’s Bazaar, E! News and many others. 

How postpartum are you?

19 weeks

How have you transformed since becoming a parent?

So much. First, I feel this immense love for Harlow that is almost overwhelming. I’m still adjusting to being a mom and integrating that into my life. Before her, it was all about me, my business, my schedule, and what made me happy. And now the focus has shifted to her.

With the little solo time you do get, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Obviously, working out. For me, moving my body has always been such an important part of my day-to-day in feeling grounded and positive. Whether I get 10 minutes or an hour, I use it to do a TSS workout, go for a walk, or something else. Anything else. It’s key to feeling good!

If you could describe your postpartum experience in one word, what would it be and why?

Traumatic. You have these happy moments with your baby, but physically and emotionally you’re going through so much that you’re not prepared for. After having Harlow, I had to have two unmedicated catheters put in. I’d been so focused on the delivery that I didn’t realize certain challenges might happen during postpartum recovery. I felt ill-equipped to manage it.

What’s something that caught you off guard during the first 3 months of parenthood?

Breastfeeding, another thing I was just not prepared for. My friends and sisters had an easier time, so it didn’t even cross my mind that I might have a difficult time. 

First, I didn’t realize how complicated breastfeeding is. For me, Harlow wouldn’t latch without a nipple shield and she wasn’t gaining enough weight. So, we went through two lactation consultants that were not productive, and then I decided to exclusively pump. The emotional toll of supplementing with formula and feeling like I’m not enough to produce enough breast milk was so much. 

You’re so raw in those early days, and those first two weeks of trying to breastfeed were a lot.

On a scale of 1-10, how supported did you feel as you navigated healing and learning how to take care of your baby? Why?

Physically – 10

Emotionally – 5

I felt very supported, but it didn’t feel like enough. I knew I was going to need help because I wasn’t taking a regular maternity leave — as a small business owner, it’s just me, my husband, and a small team, so I had to get back to work pretty quickly after giving birth. We did and still have help, and my husband is part of that support system as well. But the emotional part was really hard. 

Even when there’s support there, it can feel really isolating.

If you could dream up the perfect postpartum journey, what would it look like and feel like?

My dream would be to feel fully prepared for postpartum recovery, to get the right support so that breastfeeding is successful, and to take a true maternity leave so that I could give myself more space to adjust to motherhood.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give a brand new parent?

There’s so much pressure on us to just know how to be moms with a smile– I felt like there was this added pressure to be in such a blissful state. And while it’s magical, it’s also really fucking hard. 

Know that it is hard and do your best to set yourself up for success. Let go of it looking or feeling a certain way physically and emotionally. Take the pressure off to “bounce back” and focus on reconnecting with your body.

Not a lot of people in the fitness space talk a lot about the importance of doing pelvic floor and core work postpartum. We need to take the time to rehab those parts of our bodies even before the six week appointment so that they heal well. 

This is why I am really excited to launch my Postpartum core recovery program where we concentrate on your core and pelvic floor + my TSS MAMA Postpartum Program for after you’re cleared at 6-8 weeks. I am hoping these programs give other new mom’s the support they need in their road to recovery. 

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