The Body Gift Guide

“‘Tis the season of giving. I’m here, I’m yours for the taking.” – Michael Buble

Does anyone else feel these vibes during the holidays? That we are here for the taking? And don’t get us wrong, giving feels SO good, until it doesn’t. That’s why we’ve put together this list of incredible mom-centered, mom-owned, mom-loving brands to add to your holiday wish list. Or to visit and treat yourself!

These suggestions aren’t about the physical object being transferred from one person to another. These gifts are about celebrating, honoring, and loving our bodies. Which gets complicated, especially this time of year.

So, let’s take an opportunity to wrap ourselves in a cozy robe, tuck an ice pack in our panties, enjoy a refreshing facial mist, and connect to our incredible, magical, life-creating selves.

Sound good? We thought so too.

Ave Lumi

A consciously curated destination for families where founder Jenny Jackson partners with sustainable brands and curates an incredible collection. Clothing (for adults and kids), candles, skincare, accessories, it’s a one-stop-shop for the conscious-minded human. We love the city scented soy candles, the tie-dye socks, women’s mittens are amazing, and the peshtemal robe which we cannot wait to slip into! Click here to check out the incredible items Jenny has curated for you! Use code THANKFUL25 to save 25% on your order, this code expires Tuesday, November 30th at midnight PST.

Pstprtm Mom Pod​​

This is NOT, we repeat, this is NOT a regular mom group. This is a 6-week virtual snuggle party co-hosted by pstprtm co-founders Anne Omland and Alissa Alter that helps you honor your truth, heal your body with intention, and build a community that will nurture you. This is a safe space to talk to about everything. There is no such thing as TMI or judgment in a Mom Pod. This space is created for YOU or the mom in your life who you know could use a space where she can show up as she is, explore her new mom bod, be held in community, and receive expert support. Click here to take advantage of our early bird pricing to save over $50!


Bodily is…amazing. This incredible brand and company have created products for the postpartum period that were actually designed by people who get it. They know what we need and they bundle them into sets filled with everything you know and don’t know you need. Gift yourself or a new mom in your life the Care For Birth Box which will support her through her recovery and support feeding that baby! AND! OR! Their Breastfeeding Kit designed for people nursing or pumping was created in partnership with postpartum nurse Karrie Locher. Starting Tuesday 11/23 at 9pm est receive 15% off purchases over $80 and 20% off purchases over $125! Discounts end Monday 11/29 11:59pm pst. 

Kegels That Work!

What’s inside Kegels That Work course? It’s nothing complicated… it’s just stuff nobody’s told you before, like… Why you don’t necessarily want a “tight” pelvic floor… and when tightness could actually be the CAUSE of your problems. How everyday life (sitting, lifting, carrying) are opportunities to improve your pelvic floor symptoms. How to self-assess your own pelvic floor to find out once and for all whether Kegels are actually right for you. Why peeing a lot may not mean you’re “too loose” after all. And a whole lot more! Even better, we included a self-assessment section so that every single person could better understand their pelvic floor + know whether kegels were actually what they needed to be doing. (hint: they are definitely not the solution for every pelvic health issue!) And guess what! You get to save $10 of Kegels That Work with code PSTPRTM.

Aimee Raupp Beauty

Pstprtm contributor and friend Aimee Raupp aka “the fertility detective” is a world-renowned women’s health & wellness expert and bestselling author of Chill Out and Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. And now she has an incredible line of skincare products designed to work with our natural hormonal cycle! Can you even?! 

The Organic Momma Basket is perfect for the pregnant woman and the new momma alike. Because it’s a bundle it’s already discounted by 10% and then they’ll get your custom discount on top of that.  The Organic Aromatherapy Set: This is a perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. They’re a fragrance you can wear without having to worry what it’s doing to your hormones AND they have mood-enhancing benefits. Use promo code pstprtm for 15% off your total purchase until 11:59pm 12/23/21. 

Sacred Elements Skincare

Our skin gets…weird after having a baby. The hormones, the stress, the lack of sleep, all of it constantly changing and wreaking havoc. Until now! Pstprtm contributor Jennifer Steen is here to save the day! Her clean beauty products and expertise as a Holistic Esthetician will get you and your skin back on track with ease. Click here to check out her exclusive gift sets and contact her to book a virtual skincare consultation. Sound too good to be true? Our co-founder Alissa met Jennifer during a virtual consultation that completely changed her skin. Hello, moisture! We love Jen, what she does, and everything she stands for! We know that you will too. Receive 20% all services when you add code PSTPRTM in the notes section when you book with her!

Beyond Basics Physical Therapy

What? You’ve never considered giving yourself or someone you love a pelvic health physical therapy consultation?! Get ready to change that. After giving birth we all have questions, concerns, fears around what’s happening downstairs. And the expert team at beyond Basics Physical Therapy can address all of them. Nervous about what actually happens? Beyond basics PT Eliza Etter addresses that in this article. They offer in-person and virtual services. While this may not be the most conventional gift, we promise the new mom in your life (or you yourself) will appreciate this now and for years to come. Click here to learn more!

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