The Nutrition Gift Guide

During the season of overindulgence, we don’t believe in restriction. We believe in nourishing the mamas in our lives. We believe in feeding our postpartum bodies things that bring us pleasure, joy, and satiety. So, this list is not a list of things to avoid or about any number on a scale. This is our list of things that nourish us inside and out. That support our recovery, wellbeing, and overall health. That taste great and make other things in life easier. 

Does that sound good? We think so too!

Sweet Lorens

Ok. if you haven’t had Sweet Loren’s yet, you’re missing out! Founded by Loren Brill after a cancer diagnosis at a young age, these break and bake cookies are made from real ingredients, no garbage, nonGMO, vegan, gluten-free, plant based, safe to eat raw, and INSANELY DELICIOUS! For real! Our co-founder Alissa says “these got me through postpartum.” Also…Loren is a new mom herself! Moms making moms feel loved through cookies? We are into it! PLUS use the code psprtm to save 10%! Offer expires 12/31/21.

Cook + Chop Online Cooking Class

Learn from the best! Chef Carla Contreras, pstprtm Mother Leader, AND contributor provides everything you need to start cooking and chopping and prepping your meals with ease. Her priorities are nourishment and joy. This is the perfect gift as it’s not only a super fun experience you can share with someone you love, but practical for your everyday life! A gift that keeps on giving. Use code PSTPRTM and get 20% off!


We love bone broth. We love the taste, we love the comfort, and most of all we love the collagen, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to postpartum recovery. And while homemade is incredible, Brodo is also incredible. And it’s ready to go. This holiday season they have a Brodo Holiday Gift Pack that’s perfect for bone broth lovers like us. And if you’ve got a bone broth megafan, The Brodo 10-Pack is for you!

Pstprtm Mom Pod

​​This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a regular mom group. This is a 6-week virtual snuggle party co-hosted by pstprtm co-founders Anne Omland and Alissa Alter that helps you honor your truth, heal your body with intention, and build a community that will nurture you. Also, there is no such thing as TMI or judgement in a Mom Pod. This is a safe space to talk to about everything. We created it for YOU or the mom in your life who you know could use a group where she can show up as she is, explore her new mom bod, be held in community, and receive expert support. Click here to take advantage of our early bird pricing to save over $50! Early bird pricing ends Sunday, December 5th at midnight EST.

Nouri Mama

Imagine having a go-to meal delivery brand that’s got you covered for all stages of motherhood — pregnany all the way through postpartum recovery. A brand that’s recommended by OBGYN’s, chef-curated, and brings together eastern food therapy and western nutrition. Dreamy, right? Nouri Mama offers just that to the New York area and their meals are most definitely made with love. Founded by two women, Jennifer Doro and Marta Perez, Nouri has gotten praised by The New York Times and Bon Appetit and we’re big fans! If you’re in NYC, it’s the perfect gift for a brand new mama. Use code NOURIMAMA for $30 off your order until January 1, 2022.

Moon Cycle Bakery

Pstprtm contributor and bakery founder Devon Loftus and nutritionist Jenna Radomski recently released The Moon Cycle Cookbook. Empower the women and mamas in your life to nourish themselves with recipes for sweets, savory meals, and snacks, organized around each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Available now on Amazon.

Everything is formulated with the knowledge of what is happening hormonally during each cycle phase, using ingredients that replenish and support essential nutrients. Suffering from cramps? Try adding more cacao to your diet. Mood swings? A sweet-potato brownie can help with that. Speaking of…these dry mixes make the perfect stocking stuffer and be sure to check out their self led online course Reconnecting to Rhythms supporting the connection between our vitality and our bodies. With code pstprtm25 you’ll receive 25% off all purchases!

Daily Dose

Daily Dose is an incredibly well curated, thought through, and complete meal program/meal plan that makes supporting your body easy. So easy. Their programs and plans are compliant with a variety of dietary needs including but not limited to: Keto, Paleo, Alkaline, fertility focused, and protein forward. They have tons of options of set meal programs, ongoing meal planning, and rotating weekly menus. Plus! As a PP insider, the code PSTPRTM saves you 20% on all orders!

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