MOTHER LEADER: Marissa Goldstein, Rafi Nova Founder & CEO

Marissa Goldstein (She/Her) is a serial entrepreneur committed to connecting families around the world through travel. She pivoted her fair-trade family travel accessory brand Rafi Nova, named for her two sets of twins, to masks in April 2020 and scaled her company to $8 million USD while donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and masks to communities in need.

Her company pioneered the first commercially available reusable clear mask and a sensory sensitive mask in conjunction with Easter Seals Southern California. Her pandemic leadership earned her two Stevie Awards, and a citation from the Massachusetts’ State Senate. 

An MBA graduate of Babson, she is frequently featured on business, travel, and motherhood focused news outlets and podcasts. Passionate about sharing insights on motherhood, fair-trade manufacturing at scale, scaling e-commerce, and simplifying family travel, she contributes to Red Tricycle, Women’s Business Journal and Motherly. She lives outside of Boston and is committed to helping mothers around the world. 

How postpartum are you? 

3.5 years

How have you transformed since becoming a parent? 

Where to even start? I’ve become a lot less selfish and a lot more selfless. I realize that there are tiny humans who rely on me to keep them happy and safe and love me endlessly and for that. I feel that we moms are superhumans that can do anything 🙂  

I’ve realized that the small things in life don’t matter as much. Memories and experiences are most important. I’ve also learned to roll with the punches, pivot, and not take things so seriously.  This has transformed me into a business owner who is able to pivot and problem solve.

With the little solo time you do get, what’s your favorite thing to do? 

Go on runs and listen to podcasts

If you could describe your postpartum experience in one word, what would it be and why? 

Unique. I’m a mama to two sets of twins. The first set were my first kids, so it’s all I knew and we felt like a constant circus. Then add another set of twins, and there weren’t too many other parents who shared that experience that I could learn from.

What’s something that caught you off guard during the first 3 months of parenthood? 

How strong we become when we become mothers! Like superhumans that can run on no sleep.

On a scale of 1-10, how supported did you feel as you navigated healing and learning how to take care of your baby? Why? 

My husband, parents, and in-laws were very supportive and hands on.

If you could dream up the perfect postpartum journey, what would it look like and feel like?

Spending 6 weeks on an Island or somewhere exotic with husband while on parental leave and spending a lot of time outdoors.

What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d give a brand new parent? 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Each day that you are able to put your child to sleep and get into your own bed means that you are doing something right. Celebrate the small wins and don’t be so hard on yourself!

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