The Power of a Modern Mom Group & Why We’re Creating One

Hey, mama. How ya doing over there?

Just had your 6-week visit and can’t believe you’re cleared for sex

Hallucinating because you’re in the middle of your 7-month old’s sleep regression?

Wondering if you have diastasis or prolapse or an anal fissure but don’t know how to find out for sure?

Feeling less connected to your non-mom friends and craving women who get you?

Got all kinds of feelings bubbling up under the surface about to explode?


We know it’s not easy to open up about what’s really going on in that baby bubble—with your body, relationships, identity, all of it. 

Sometimes it might feel that this is stuff you’re “supposed to” manage solo. I’m a mother after all, doesn’t this just come with the territory? 

The truth? We’re not meant to do it alone. We’re meant to do it alongside other mothers.

  • Women who keep it real and share openly about their struggles too – vs. trying to paint a picture of perfection about their motherhood journey.
  • Women who can hold space for your stories and challenges without judgment – vs. those who can’t handle the not-so-pretty yet very real stuff.
  • Women who genuinely want to support each other and help each other thrive – vs. compete and compare and talk behind each other’s backs.

When we’ve got mamas on speed dial, a sacred circle of women we chat with, and resources to help us thrive in this wild period of life, we feel way more capable and way less alone.

That’s why we created the PSTPRTM MOM POD.

A 6-week virtual mom group co-hosted by pstprtm co-founders Anne Omland and Alissa Alter that helps you honor your truth, heal your body with intention, and build a community that will nurture you.


The PSTPRTM MOM PODS are a space for you to:

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Safely and comfortably share your truth and get the encouragement you need to honor it.

BE HELD IN COMMUNITY. Hear from other mamas in the thick of it with you and share about shared challenges and lessons learned.

BE SUPPORTED BY EXPERTS. Be guided by two women’s health experts who are mothers and carry a wealth of knowledge to help you thrive in mind and body.

What Do We Chat About in the MOM PODS?

Truly, everything. From how you’re feeling about sex to why you’re feeling totally lost about who you are, nothing is off-limits. AND we’ll be creating a little bit of structure so that we touch on all of the issues that come up postpartum.

WEEK 1: STORIES. A space to share who you are, why you joined us, and what you’re hoping to get out of this group.

WEEK 2: SELF-CARE: A loaded topic that we’ll discuss alongside visiting teacher Xan, who is a sleep expert and consultant.

WEEK 3: NOURISHMENT. An opportunity to discover how to make space to nourish our bodies and ourselves every single day alongside visiting teacher Judy.

WEEK 4: MINDSET. A session to dive into the ups and downs that come with postpartum mental health alongside mindset teacher Olivia.

WEEK 5: RELATIONSHIPS. A space to get honest about how our relationships evolve after having babies and what we can do to feel more connected with people we love.

WEEK 6: CHANGE. A session to reflect on what we’ve discovered about ourselves and how we intend to move forward.


This Experience Includes:

WEEKLY CALLS. Each Wednesday at 7pm ET, we’ll begin with a grounding exercise + gentle movement and diving into one core topic to support you.

COMMUNITY SPACE. A private, virtual community space to chat with fellow members and get questions answered and ongoing support and cheerleading.

VISITING TEACHERS. We’ll be joined by four incredible practitioners that will support you with mindset, nutrition, self-care, and more.

Sound good? Want to join this first group starting in January?


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