The Self-Care Gift Guide

We’ve curated this list of holiday must-haves to help you care of you this holiday season and gift something awesome to the other mamas in your life. We recommend sending this to the people in your life who want to support you but maybe aren’t always nailing it. Or go ahead and get yourself something special! Put yourself on that holiday shopping list because you’ve been amazing this year. 

Pstprtm Mom Pod​​

This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a regular mom group. This is a 6-week virtual snuggle party co-hosted by pstprtm co-founders Anne Omland and Alissa Alter that helps you honor your truth, heal your body with intention, and build a community that will nurture you. This is a safe space to talk about everything. There is no such thing as TMI or judgment in a Mom Pod. This space is created for YOU or the mom in your life who you know could use a space where she can show up as she is, explore her new mom bod, be held in community, and receive expert support. Click here to take advantage of our early bird pricing to save over $50!


You heard it here first folks! BEHRHAUS just launched their Holiday Gift Sets: The Holiday Spa Kit and The Sculpting Set make wonderful gifts for moms who need a moment of self-care (all of us), but are also great gifts for everyone! This year we’re offering Furoshiki Gift Wrapping for the Sets from The Market Bags and 1% goes to Mamas for Mamas Sustainable Nourishment Program providing families access to fresh produce. As a PP insider, BEHRHAUS founder and mom Lauren Behr has provided an exclusive discount. Use PSTPRTM15 at checkout!

Postpartum Doula Services

Do we need to say more? For real, the best gift you can give a new mom is support. Like actual professional support. Postpartum doula Kiki Mikkelsen of provides exceptional postpartum care for all families. With a focus on nourishment, inclusivity, and honoring vulnerability Kiki offers in-home support, meal prep services, and even virtual (or in-person) lactation and feeding support. Learn more about Kiki and her services here and make sure to let her know pstprtm sent you! Please note: Her sourdough is unreal. Unreal. 

Rafi Nova “Oh Sh*t Kit

“Parenting is unpredictable, but with the Oh Sh*t Kit, you’ll always be prepared.”This compact, organized, adorable kit has everything you’ll ever need when on the go with your family. We’re talking first aid kit, scissors, hand sanitizer, stain remover, dry bags, even fidget toys and snacks! We know the emotional labor and energy that goes into being prepared for anything and this helps alleviate that! Throw this in your bag and know that you are covered! Click here to pick the perfect Rafi Nova “Oh Sh*t Kit” for you and someone you love!

Rx Postpartum

Created by pstprtm contributor Dr. Ariana Witkin, Rx Postpartum is an on-line, self-directed course for motivated people designed to help parents-to-be master the foundations of postpartum, from pampering your perineum to newborn development to breastfeeding, to relationship changes and everything in between, so you are equipped for your own recovery and this massive transition.

The FREE Mama Moment Checklist!

This is a FREE download with 12 ways to find a moment for yourself to restore, replenish, and nourish yourself or someone you love throughout the day. This is self-care that you can actually accomplish, makes an impact, and will inspire you to find more moments for yourself! Download it here!

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