pstprtm Founder Favorites: 9 of Our Go-To Products for an Easy Mama Moment

Ever curious which products and daily practices help busy mamas keep it together? Us too. There’s something about seeing another woman make space for herself that is deeply inspiring and motivating. And we’re not talking about anything extravagant or time-consuming.

Since we’re all about simplicity here, we wanted to share the things we as mamas and co-founders integrate into our daily routines. Products that promote “me time” and different forms of self-care– from boundaries with technology to feeling cozy to staying hydrated.

Below you’ll find each of our favorite things and we hope it helps you get creative about ways you can take care of yourself too.

Head of Brand

Loftie Alarm Clock

For years and years, I was in the bad habit of waking up, turning off my alarm, and– with phone already in hand– diving into the mindless scroll on Instagram. Not the best way to mindfully set the tone for the day, right? Then, I came across Loftie, an alarm clock that has a series of breathwork exercises, meditations, and sound baths, in addition to the soothing sounds of nature to gently wake you up. Since putting this brilliant device on my nightstand and my phone far away, I don’t look at my phone until 9:00 am most mornings. Which has made me more committed to meditating, breathing, and being present with my daughter first thing. Check it out here.

Renew Nutrient Mist

In 2011, I was introduced to face mist by a coworker and fell in love. Since then, I’ve dabbled in different brands to give me that quick skin and sensory refresh. A quick spritz first thing in the morning or midday made an oddly big difference in how I felt. But since having a baby, it’s the easiest way to feel like I’m doing something nice for myself and my skin. I love the Renew brand in particular because it smells amazing with Jasmine, Rose, and Neroli all mixed together. Plus, they call it a multi-vitamin for your face with algae, kombucha, and antioxidants. All that fancy stuff aside, it just feels so good to spray your face and feel like you did something self-care-related.

Renew Nutrient Mist by True Botanicals

Rose Hibiscus Face Mist by Herbivore

Rosewater Facial Toner by Cocokind

A Tall Ball Jar

I love water. LOVE. My favorite way to get my daily H2O is with a giant mason jar with a 24-ounce capacity. I pull one out of the cabinet every morning, fill it to the brim with filtered water, and pop the juice and skin of ¼ of lemon in there for some electrolyte power. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add some mint leaves or cucumber. And then I’ll sip it all morning to ensure I get at least that much water in my system the first half of the day. Best part? These ball jars are so inexpensive. You can get a two-pack for under $20. Here’s to staying hydrated and having a hydration vessel you love. Because that helps inspire you to drink up! Shop here.


Head of Experiences

Wildling Gua Sha

First of all, it is detoxifying. Second, it clears out the sinuses. Third, it helps drain the lymphatic system. The ritual of washing my face, applying face oil, and breathing deeply while I massage my face with my Gua Sha. It relaxes me. It’s my me time. I love it. I love this Gua Sha from Wilding so much that I even have a discount code. 

Dry Brush

I started using a dry brush right after my youngest was born. It helps detoxify your skin and exfoliates. It stimulates circulation and leaves you feeling delightfully tingly. I have really dry skin and love to use this before I shower. Then, when I’m done, I swear I can feel my skin soaking up my moisturizer instead of it sitting on top. This one from Osea is my personal fave.

Aimee Raups Mag-Ease Oil

I’m obsessed with this spray on Magnesium oil. It’s made from all-natural ingredients from Aimee Raup who I am also obsessed with. Before getting into bed I spray this on my belly, feet, hands, calves, wherever I want. It eases muscle tension, soothes headaches, relieves constipation (hello!) regulates blood pressure, promotes restful sleep, and also smells soooo good. Like the Gua Sha this spray makes me pause and consider how I want to sleep. Click here to check it out.


Head of Content

Naadam Cashmere Onesie

There is a Seinfeld episode where George talks about how much he loves velvet and if it were socially acceptable, he would drape himself in velvet. I feel that way about cashmere. I mean, it is SO cozy. And when I came across Nadaam’s cashmere onesie, I knew I was going to splurge. My two favorite things! Onesies and cashmere! In the winter I wear it maaaaybe every single day? Ok, fine. I wear it every single day. It feels like a hug. And If I have a meeting or am working with a client, it looks like I am wearing a perfectly appropriate sweater! But I know I’m fully draped in cashmere feeling like a queen who is ready to nap at any moment. It makes the entire day a snuggly mama moment. Get yours here

Sweet Loren’s 

I think we can all agree that cookie dough is one of life’s greatest pleasures, right? Break and bake cookies really upped the game by making it easier to snack on. Well, Sweet Loren’s upped the game even more by prioritizing real, plant-based ingredients and are dairy and gluten-free and tastes SO good! They are perfect to break and bake or break and eat!!! Their founder, also a new mama, Loren Brill started the company after battling cancer in her twenties and eliminating processed foods from her life but also knew cookies are important. Check out Sweet Loren’s here. I enjoy them everywhere. I’ve been known to bring two or three uncooked break-and-bake cookies with me when I take a bath. Sorry, not sorry. 

Hey Homebody Bath Soak

I love baths. I fell in love during my professional dance career to soothe my sore body after long days of rehearsals. And now, well a bath soothes more than just my body. I was introduced to this magical bathing experience by my cofounder + CEO Blair Badenhop. These bath soaks contain CBD to relax sore muscles from chasing a toddler around, ease stress and tension from parenting through a pandemic, and are visually stunning for an aesthetically beautiful mama moment. Plus they smell so good. I emerge from my evening bath more relaxed and centered. I love the amethyst & Alchemist and Full Spectrum of Possibilities. They always support a more full and deep night’s sleep. And I love that. Shop here.

What are your favorite ways to create mama moments for yourself? Click here to share your favorite staples or feel free to document your #mamamoment and tag us on IG @pstprtm

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