Introducing the Mother Leader Series: Where Trailblazing Women Reveal the Reality of Their Postpartum Journeys

In the short time that pstprtm has been alive and well in the world, we’ve affirmed a powerful truth: sharing women’s postpartum stories is vital. VITAL.

To heal. 

To awaken.

To empower.

To change.

Reading the words of someone who’s had a similar experience as you; discovering ways to move through your present-moment challenges — from feeding to mental health — with a little more clarity; realizing that you’re not crazy, you just haven’t had the support you really need…

All of it helps us to have compassion for ourselves and the recovery process, and to awaken to the fact that we all deserve better.

The fact is every single person who gives birth struggles in some way, shape, or form postpartum. And our stories shine a big fat spotlight on the massive gap in not only our healthcare system, but in our families and in our culture.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring more stories to the forefront of our platform with a new series called Mother Leaders. 

We feel it’s important to show that no mother is immune to pain, challenges, despair, and earth-shattering experiences postpartum. Not even women who are wealthy, successful, privileged, and have many resources available to them.

Motherhood is the greatest equalizer, and childbirth rips us all open wide whether we like it or not. So, it’s time we get even more transparent, even more real, and show proof that everyone has something they’re going through, even if it doesn’t appear that way on Instagram.

So, what is the Mother Leader Series exactly?

It’s a weekly series that highlights a mother who is a leader in their industry, creating change, and rejecting antiquated expectations and ideals about motherhood. Who has also worn mesh undies after birth, felt overwhelmed by feeding her baby, and more.

To be clear, this isn’t meant to glorify or separate us, exactly the opposite. Motherhood is what we have in common. It’s the thing that levels the playing field. We are all out there on the pitch (yes, we’ve been watching Ted Lasso) in our giant pads under mesh undies, squirting ourselves with peri bottles, and sweating through our pajamas, sheets, and anything else near us.

It’s not pretty for anyone.

So, it’s our hope that the Mother Leader series will help shatter the myth that you’re supposed to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy clothes and pre-baby lifestyles to seamlessly integrate this new role and identity and responsibility into your life within 6 weeks.

Because that’s just not real, it’s bonkers.

Powerful frontrunners are crying in pain. They are mourning their old sense of self. They are pumping breastmilk in a bathroom stall. They are desperately trying to wrestle an inverted or elastic nipple into their newborn’s mouth. They are feeling unsure in their relationships. They are examining their parents and upbringing. 

They are. We are. We all are.

Are we telling you anything you don’t already know? Probably not.

But it’s our mission to create change and it starts with stories. Because our stories are the very thing that will spark the revolution we’re working towards.

We can’t wait to share our first Mother Leader with you next week! 

Until then, thank you for being here.


Alissa, Anne, and Blair

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