Mom Truths, A New Series Highlighting the Less Visible Realities of Postpartum

The truth about motherhood? It’s a lot of things. 

It’s joyous, terrifying, challenging, easy,exhausting, exhilarating, and everything in between, around, above, and below. And so much of it falls under the category of indescribable. 

There don’t seem to be words big enough to speak to the true depths of the experience. How much joy and love there is, along with those darker emotions of overwhelm and despair.

We live in a world where mothers have started to open up about the not-so-pretty parts. The parts that might feel shameful or unspeakable because no one is talking about them.

And so there are truths that remain hidden, thoughts that remain buried, experiences that are never fully addressed or healed.

Things like…

“I wish I’d never done this.”

“I’m scared to grow and be challenged the way this demands.” 

“I love my baby more than I love my partner.”

“I think I pooped out of my Vagina.”

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

“My own parents failed me as a child.”

“My parents are failing me now.”

“No one cares about me anymore.” 

“Thank the lord I didn’t have a baby with my ex.”

We get it. And we think the hidden truths of motherhood need to see the light of day. So that more of us can recognize that our postpartum journeys, our thoughts, and our struggles are not just happening to us, but to so many others.

This is why we’ve created an anonymous editorial series called Mom Truths.

A series that shares the less discussed aspects of the postpartum experience. The stuff you’re afraid to talk about. The private. The hush hush. From hemmorhoids and anal fissures to libido and strained relationships.

We chose to keep Mom Truths anonymous because we know how hard it is to give voice to the tender, sometimes scary, realities of becoming a mother. And understand that we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

This is a space to spill your guts, speak your truth, let it all out and help other mamas feel empowered to do the same. Because swallowing you truth, lying by omission, and keeping them hidden festers inside you and keeps you caught in the shitstorm. 

So let’s get the bad out, give ourselves the freedom to move forward, and know we are not alone. 

Ok, so here’s how this works.

Click here if you have something you feel compelled to share. Something you want to write about, but not have published with your name attached. Something you want to share with someone else who may be feeling the exact same way, but adding your name isn’t an option. Something you really want to get off your chest that you haven’t felt safe saying out loud.

Your submission will be sent via a google form. A little box to pop in your confession, your story, or your feelings without anyone ever knowing it was you.

This can be… 

  • one sentence.
  • A paragraph.
  • An essay.
  • Whatever you want and need it to be.

And we will publish it on our website as part of the series.

This is YOUR space to say what you need to say in a judgement free zone in service of mothers. All mothers. All of us. 

Click here to share your truth. 

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