Chef Carla Contreras

Chef Carla Contreras (She/Her) is a multi-passionate digital entrepreneur and the founder of Cook + Chop: online cooking school. She’s also the host of the Show Up Fully podcast, and her work has been featured in publications like and Well+Good. As a chef and culinary producer, Carla has worked on hundreds of photo shoots for well-known brands as a food stylist, photographer, recipe developer, art director, and digital content creator. For over 24 years, she’s worked professionally in the food industry and has been featured on Chopped! on the Food Network. Her endless curiosity for wellness and personal growth has led her to become a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Nutritious Life Studio and a life coach through Mentor Masterclass. Learn more at and follow her on IG @chefcarla_c